We offer amazing activities, experiences and planetarium shows to keep your group engaged while visiting the Science Center. Our passionate team of educators have designed fun learning experiences, with a backbone in reinforcing school-based-standards. Click on the options below, guided by grade/age, to find opportunities that work for you. Feel free to fill out the interest form here and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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NASA Artifacts Tour

Love a good story? All our artifacts have way more stories and information than what we have on display. Get a personalized tour with one of our experts, including a chance to ask your space related questions. Tours are a fun way to experience our exhibits and see how they fit into history.

Air Rockets

You will want to do this one. Everyone else does! This is by far our most popular activity. You learn > you build > you launch & test. Newton’s third law of motion is quite exciting when you do it by constructing a paper rocket and launching it outside. Will your rocket launch the farthest?

Origami Pinwheel Galaxies

Can you imagine an instrument that has been making groundbreaking discoveries in space for over 30 years? It’s called the Hubble Space Telescope. We’ll discuss galaxies and then observe photographs taken by the Hubble, illustrating various types of galaxies and their structure. Then each student will construct a spiral ‘galaxy’ using origami paper. STEAM in action!

UV Bead Bracelets

It’s clear, and then it’s multi-color! We will make Ultraviolet (UV) beads to explain UV radiation and the care that needs to be taken to prevent the damage it may cause. This lesson starts with a discussion of the electromagnetic spectrum and wave properties, followed by a construction of UV beads, and stepping outside to see them in action!

Planet Masks

Let’s color and cut out our very own planet masks! Students will learn about the planets in our Solar System and be able to arrange planets based on size, temperature, and terrain. The planet masks all have fun facts on the back so students can use this take-home activity to grow their learning and share with others.

Movin’ Around

How exactly do the Earth, Moon and Sun relate? What are their movements? In this activity, students will participate in a class discussion about the planets. We’ll then create a take-home model of the movements of the Earth, Sun and Moon using paper replicas.