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Hundreds of students have launched their careers at CSU’s Coca-Cola Space Science Center. And, you can, too! Our former students and interns now have exciting careers in science, engineering and science education. They work at places like NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, the Planetary Science Institute, the Kavli Institute, New Mexico State University, and K-12 schools throughout the Southeast. Let the adventures begin!

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Teacher Education, Leadership, and Counseling

Skilled teachers, educational leaders, and counselors have the power to transform communities. At Columbus State University, we’re educating the innovators of tomorrow.


Earth and Space Sciences

Want to develop an in-depth understanding of the universe through the lens of earth, environmental, and space sciences? You can pursue hands-on educational experiences in astrophysics, geology, environmental science and more through field trips, laboratory and field courses, class projects, and supervised research.


Robotics Engineering

Robotics is a “multi-craft” activity that blends multiple disciplines, including computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Apply the latest techniques in robotic systems through field work, independent lab projects, and immersive internships.


Create Your Own Path

At Columbus State University, passions become professions. We offer more than 90 undergraduate and graduate degree programs as a foundation to your professional development.

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