A DIY Video Lesson:
Cloud in a Jar
with Mr. Downey


Ever wondered what they look and feel like up close? Stop wondering and start creating. With just a few basic materials lying around the house, you can create your own cloud in a jar! Adult supervision needed with matches and boiling water being used.

LESSON: Clouds are things we see in the sky all the time and wonder what they feel and look like up close. Fog is one way to get that experience, but creating your own is a guaranteed way to see and feel one up close. Using, water, a match, a jar, and some ice, you can make your own cloud in minutes and let it escape from the jar once you are ready. It’s difficult to think sometimes that clouds are just water. They look so light and fluffy and water is completely different for us on the ground. This experiment replicates clouds forming in the sky by substituting the Sun for boiling water and the cooler, higher altitudes for ice.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN?: Think about some of the following after the activity has completed. Would this experiment work without the match? Why or why not? Would a cloud form over a long period of time if the jar was left outside and you used light from the Sun to heat regular temperature water? Will the cloud stay in the jar as long as you keep the ice on top or will it eventually disappear?

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