DIY: Moon Sand


The Moon’s surface is made of lots of volcanic minerals like plagioclase feldspar and pyroxene that give off a grayish color when viewed from space. In this activity we will make a material that looks similar in texture to the surface of the Moon but is made of a very different material: flour!

Activity Age: All ages
Activity Time: 5 minutes
Activity Clean-Up Time: 5 minutes

1/2 cup Flour (Any kind, I recommend All-purpose)
2 Tablespoons Transparent Oil (Any kind, I recommend Canola Oil for the best texture or Coconut Oil for the best smell)

1. Put your flour into a bowl
2. Add the liquid oil (if you are using coconut oil you may need to heat it up until it liquefies)
3. Use a fork to mix the flour and oil mixture until mixture is integrated but crumbly
4. Use your hands or tools to make awesome Moon landscape features and designs!
Show us your moon-scapes! You can email your photos to

flour and oil
Flour and Oil in about a 8:1 ratio (1/2 cup flour, 2 tablespoons oil)

Extra things to Try
-Make a thick layer and drop different objects to make craters
-See how high you can build a volcano or tower with the moon sand; can you beat your record if you add more flour or oil?
-Use food coloring to dye your moon sand different colors; can you mix two to make a new color?
-Use your moon sand like clay and make a stop-motion video


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blankshaving cream space object