In this application you will need:

Student information
Emergency contact
Extra curricular description(s)
3 goals for camp
200 words on why you should be selected and how it would help you accomplish your goals
Student-guardian contract
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Space Robotics Summer 2024 Program Application

Student Information

Date of Birth

Emergency Contact

Space Robotics Summer 2024 Program Application


Being selected as a participant in the Space Robotics summer program is a special opportunity for students to be introduced to fundamental concepts in robotics and aerospace engineering. This valuable training can help students prepare for important careers in STEM related fields. The seats in this program are limited and are being funded by a donor. If your student is selected and accepts this opportunity, the student and their guardian(s) need to assure attendance within reasonable expectation.


By typing my name below, I agree that if my child is selected to participate in this summer program that I will ensure that he/she attends for the entire period. All costs for the summer program will be borne by a donor.


By typing my name below, I acknowledge that if selected I am making a firm commitment to participate in this summer academy program. I understand that attendance is important because the cost of the summer program is being borne by a donor.